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Some Student Comments

I decided to learn some basic German but was nervous about trying to learn it on my own or from a computer program. I learn better with a teacher and a structured course. I like German culture and would like to visit the country one day. Gunhild did an excellent job in guiding me though the basics of how to read and speak German. She even made learning it fun and interesting which I did not think was possible. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn German. Auf Wiedersehen!
~ Robert


English is not my primary language. I enjoyed taking the classes. The courses helped me to improve my writing and speaking a lot. It will help me get a better job because they expect you to write and speak good English. I think the courses I took will be a very good investment in my future.
~ Yan


I really enjoyed my classes with Gunhild. She is a great teacher and very nice person. I felt she supported me through every class I took with her. I have a Danish husband so I needed to learn some Danish. It was nice having a native Danish speaker teach me the language. I also learned a lot more about the Danish culture. I hope to impress my husband’s parents with what I have learned next time we visit Denmark.
~ Lynn


I am American but married a Danish resident so I decided to learn Danish so I could learn more about his culture and to be able to speak with his parents when we visit them for the holidays. In taking Danish the classes, I not only learned how to read and write and speak in basic Danish but I also got a better appreciation for the Danish culture which is quite unique.
~ Emily


I am Danish but wanted to learn German so that I could take advantage of some job opportunities in Germany. I live close to the Danish-German border. I was surprised to find out that I could take German courses online and with one-on-one sessions with the instructors which fits my schedule and my personality better. It was a bonus that the German language instructor was also Danish – that put me as ease and gave me more confidence that I could learn German myself.
~ Per